Bestmed: Maternity and Infant care coverage

From Bestmed:

Registering on the programme will give you the following support and benefits:
• A 24-hour professional medical advice line you can call with any queries, no matter how
• Weekly e-mails packed with convenient information about your pregnancy, your baby’s
development, how to deal with unpleasant pregnancy symptoms and useful hints.
• Dads won’t be left out as they will also receive e-mails every second week to inform them
about the baby’s development and Mom’s progress.
• To make sure your pregnancy starts right, you will receive a welcome pack containing an
informative pregnancy book to guide you through the stages as well as discount vouchers
for various baby items.
• In your second month after registration, we will send you a useful baby bag packed with
products to use after your baby’s birth.

Infant Care
Bestmed have developed a programme that will assist with any immunisation information, lactation consultations and any other information pertaining to the medical care of your baby.