Bestmed: Oncology coverage information

Bestmed offers different coverage for oncology across its plans, and you can compare how each of the plan covers oncology here. Worth noting is that on Beat 1, Beat 2, Beat 3 and Pulse, oncology is covered only if it is a PMB (most cancers are PMBs) and only in state hospitals (see below).

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From the Bestmed printed materials:

“Bestmed provides oncology benefits applying evidence-based medicine principles and
considering affordability across the different benefit options.
It has therefore appointed the Independent Clinical Oncology Network (ICON) for Beat4, Pace1, 2, 3, 4 and Pulse2 as DSP (designated service provider).

Beat1, Beat2, Beat3 and Pulse1 members should make use of the state as DSP where available.

Members on Pace3 and Pace4 have access to the enhanced option of ICON where it is clinically

Members registered on the oncology programme qualify for cancer benefits. Members must
forward a clinical summary and histology of their cancer, as set out by their treating doctor, to
register on the programme. This must contain the history, ICD–10 codes, the clinical findings of
the doctor as well as the test results confirming the cancer and the specific type of cancer.”

(Source: Bestmed website)