Bestmed Medical Aid Scheme: 2017

Bestmed has 10 unique medical aid plans. You can view a quick summary and cost of all of them here. All the plans pay out at the same scheme rate (100%).

Bestmed: All the 2017 medical aid plans

A quick summary of all the Bestmed plans, including cost per member and families. Click on plan to get more information.

Bestmed: Benefits compared across all plans

Compare any benefit across all Bestmed plans to see which plan gives you the coverage you need

Bestmed: Need to know the details!

Quick links to Bestmed's chronic coverage, networks, co-payments and more. Don't make a decision before reading this!

Confused? Start with these 3 articles

How medical aids work

Lots of rules, lots of jargon, lots of thing you need to know. We explain it in plain language. Must read.

How to get started with this site

We know the medical aid industry is complicated, and the information presented on this site...

All about PMBs: Introduction

According to the Medical Schemes Council, PMBs are a feature of the Medical Schemes Act,...

Got questions?

Will I have to pay a Late Joiner Penalty?

Members who apply for medical aid coverage and are over 35 years old may have to pay a Late Joiner Penalty. Note: We have come across a number of schemes who misrepresent how a Late Joiner Penalty is calculated, in their favor. Our explanation below is taken directly from...

Do I need a medical aid broker?

No, you can apply to become a member of any Medical Scheme directly to the scheme. Some schemes don't work with medical aid brokers at all. How much does a medical aid broker cost? A broker does not cost you, the member, anything. Your premiums do not differ if...

How do I complain about a Medical Aid issue?

Do you have a complaint with your medical aid? Start by speaking to your Medical Scheme. Put all your communication in writing. Some Schemes will have an appointed person who deals with escalated queries or complaints. if your complaint is not resolved, ask your Scheme who within their organisation...

When can I change my Medical Aid?

Determining when you can change your medical plan depends on whether you want to stay with the same scheme or not. If you want to stay with the same Scheme, but want to change plans, you can usually do so by December 31st, for the following year. Some Schemes...

What are “Waiting periods”?

Waiting Periods are imposed by the Medical Aid scheme on new members, based on their medical history or their history with medical aid coverage. The Medical Act allows waiting periods to be imposed so as to prevent potential members from joining a scheme as they become ill. The idea...

Can I be refused membership of a Medical Aid Scheme?

No. A medical scheme is not allowed to refuse you membership, including on the grounds of past-ill health, or you being a high risk. A scheme, can, however impose waiting periods. A scheme is also not allowed to charge you a different (higher) premium because of your past medical...

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