Our complaint against Bestmed re late joiner penalty

We investigated all the open medical schemes, and discovered some discrepancies in how some schemes are representing the late joiner penalties (LJP). Bestmed was one of those schemes.

As a result, we submitted a complaint to the Council of Medical Schemes. You can see a copy of the complaint below.

In brief, on their application forms, Bestmed is saying that they will not apply any medical aid cover prior to age 35 as a credit when working out your LJP. They are required to apply the credit by law. And by not allowing the credit, they could be imposing up to 25% surcharge on your premium unfairly. To find out more about how the LJP is calculated, see here.

If you are a Bestmed member (or a member of any scheme, for that matter) and are paying a Late Joiner Penalty, we urge you to verify that the rate you are paying is correct. You can find out how to do so here.

And, if you are a LJP payer,please consider chatting to us about your experience. Is your penalty calculated correctly? Are you still unsure? We are crowdsourcing this information to get a clearer picture of how members are affected by this misinformation and confusion regarding LJPs.

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