“How do I change my medical aid plan?”

How to change medical aid plans within the same Scheme

You can do this towards the end of the calendar year, for the following year. Subscribe to our newsletter (below) and we will inform you of all deadlines closer to the time.

Most often, you will be requested to fill out a “Change of plan” form, which you simply need to submit by the deadline. Of course, if you have a broker, you can just use their services for this.

Changing to a different scheme

You can do this at any time. Read our article on Waiting Periods that apply when you change schemes.

Ask your new scheme for a quote, and confirm with your old scheme when your membership can be cancelled. Most schemes require one calendar month notice. Fedhealth requires 3 months notice. Ensure your new membership activates the day after your old one ends. You cannot be a member of two schemes at the same time.

If you had a savings account or other similar benefit with your old scheme, it is possible that you will owe them money for benefits used up over and above the pro-rata allocation of the funds to the date of your resignation. You will need to pay this difference in cash to the Scheme. (Example: if you used your entire savings account for the year, but only paid six months of premiums at your resignation date, you will be liable for six months of the savings portion of your premium.)

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