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Pregnancy cover if you don’t have medical aid

Pregnancy is considered a medical condition, and as such is subject to waiting periods when you join/change medical aid schemes. Waiting Periods If you have not had medical aid for more than 90 days and are pregnant, a scheme can impose a 12 month waiting period on your pregnancy, meaning that...

What are “Waiting periods”?

Waiting periods are imposed by the medical aid scheme on new members, based on their medical history. The waiting periods can also be applied to Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs).

Can I be refused membership of a Medical Aid Scheme?

No. A medical scheme is generally not allowed to refuse you membership, including on the grounds of past-ill health, or you being a high risk. A scheme, can, however impose waiting periods. A scheme is also not allowed to charge you a different (higher) premium because of your past...

How do I change my medical aid plan?

A quick guide to how you can change your medical aid plan, including the resignation procedure, and things to look out for, such as imposed waiting periods from your new scheme